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Providing proactive tools for drinking water quality control in distribution systems

Lead and Copper Rule
Testing/Monitoring Rigs
    • Harvested Pipe Rig
      • PRE-ASSEMBLED.  Just connect the influent and effluent modules with your harvested pipe.

    • PRS Monitoring Station
      • PRE-ASSEMBLED.  Includes test pieces. Dramatically reduce costs of monitoring/testing.



Continuing Education
Video Course:
Corrosion Control and
Water Quality Improvement

Step-by-Step Guidelines To Lead and Copper Rule and Distribution System Water Quality Issues

  • Learn to write a “Living Desktop Study”
  • Develop a “Demonstration Study” for corrosion control
  • Understand chemical and microbiological factors
  • Turn corrosion control into a water quality improvement program
  • Earn 5 Continuing Education Credits

An essential course for drinking water utility operators, engineers, and managers, for consulting engineers, for environmental and public health regulators, and for students of drinking water systems and water quality.

About Us

We aid drinking water quality practitioners:

  • In proactively tracking and responding to potential distribution system water quality issues
  • In complying with the Lead and Copper Rule, Revisions and Improvements
  • In obtaining representative data from water distribution systems
  • In interpreting the data using a comprehensive perspective of water quality