About Process Research Solutions, LLC

After investigating drinking water quality issues in municipal water systems and in large buildings since 1997, Process Research Solutions, LLC, now focuses on providing proactive tools for drinking water quality control.

Teaching a pro-active, comprehensive approach to lead and copper control and water quality.  There are many actions that water utility personnel can take to improve water quality, especially to control lead and copper release in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule, that don’t require the help of a consultant. For water quality consultants, there are aspects of water quality improvement and lead and copper control that are overlooked in regulatory and mainstream guidance directives. A video course hosted by the University of Wisconsin and developed by Process Research Solutions gives step-by-step guidelines to Lead and Copper Rule compliance and beyond. The course shows how lead and copper release is connected to other distribution system water quality issues. This course by video allows a person to study on their own schedule and from anywhere in the world. See more details and register at http://go.wisc.edu/WaterQuality.

Providing pre-assembled Lead and Copper Rule pipe rigs.  In addition, Process Research Solutions offers pre-assembled apparatuses that simulate building plumbing. The harvested pipe rigs, at this time, are required in many systems by the revisions and improvements to the Lead and Copper Rule. With the pre-assembled rigs from Process Research the user first installs the rig modules using PVC pipe to confirm proper operation. As the user’s harvested pipes become available, they are installed right away into the operating rigs.

Providing a more economical pre-assembled apparatus for chemical scenario testing and water quality sentinel monitoring.  Process Research Solutions also offers the PRS Monitoring Station, similar to a pipe rig but using conditioned new metal plates instead of pipes. There are advantages to using the Station over pipe rigs in terms of lower costs, smaller footprint, and greater flexibility of applications. A peer-reviewed paper showing the validity of using conditioned new metal test pieces instead of harvested pipe for both chemical comparison testing and for water quality monitoring can be found at the URL: https://iwaponline.com/ws/article/doi/10.2166/ws.2023.311/98934/.

Promoting a comprehensive perspective to understand what shapes water quality.  A philosophy of water quality and lead and copper release investigations was presented by Process Research Solutions in the 2017 Water Research Foundation Project #4586, “Optimization of Phosphorus-Based Corrosion Control Chemicals Using a Comprehensive Perspective of Water Quality”.  To download this and other public-access reports, go to the Foundation’s website and set up a free “Public Plus” login.  This comprehensive perspective of water quality is also discussed in detail in the video water quality course linked above.


Process Research Solutions, LLC, was founded in 1997 by A.F. Cantor, P.E., chemical engineer, after nearly two decades of designing water and wastewater treatment processes in large engineering consulting firms.